Yoga and Zazen Meditation in Abruzzo

Yoga and Zazen Meditation in a pure, wild and uncontaminated environment. A rediscovery of ourselves out of schemes and objectives of the society, inside a harmonious mechanism regulated by Mother Earth and her amazing logic.

Da 320€/persona
3 Giorni
Inizia a: Castel del Monte
Scopri: Rocca Calascio, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Campo Imperatore
Attività: Yoga, Zazen Meditation, Trekking, Relax
Gruppo minimo: 4 persone
Gruppo massimo: 10 persone


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    1. h 12.00 meeting in Castel del Monte, at the hotel Rifugio del Pastore. Check-in in the accomodation and lunch with delicious and genuine dishes by Rita's cuisine, the owner of the Rifugio.
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    Reflection on the landscape – Yoga and Zazen Meditation in Abruzzo.
    A journey all around and inside our Being.
    A discovery experience that concerns the intimate fact to be alive.
    Wondering about the relationship between Human Race and Nature and answering the natural need to find incentives and energy in a pure, wild and uncontaminated environment.
    The emotion of rediscovery ourselves as part of the nature and out of schemes and objectives of the society.
    To understand to be part of a harmonious and pure mechanism regulated by Mother Earth and her amazing logic.


    The seminar is open to everyone and it is divided in 3 lessons, each one takes about 60 minutes and it is structured in a series of fluid and harmonious asanas, tailored to the needs of everyone; for people who already practices yoga postures will be more intense.
    If you are beginner, you will learn the use of some Bandhas and of the Ujiay breath.
    If you are intermediate/advanced level, asanas will reach Bhujapìdàsana, Astavakràsana, Kukkutasàna and variants of Sìrsàsana. In this case lesson will take 30 minutes more.
    ou will learn the conscious listening of some Chakras and, for those who want, will be explained the meaning of mantras and some songs by the Vedra, in particular of the Sri Rudram.



    The practice of meditating on a special pillow has ancient origin; it recalls the same posture of Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha, and it is nowadays still used in every Zen temple.
    You could also call it viscera or intestine – Tanden in Japanese – because of the pelvic cavity that contains the organs situated in the lower abdomen, which are strongly stimulated through a respiraton almost only abdominal. The more remarkable practical aspect of that is the consequent inhibition of the conscience, an activity developed by the cerebral cortex for the ipotalamo or primitive brain, which is the center of primary instincts and therefore of the spiritual intuition.








    Su Misura

    Yoga travel available on demand every weekend. For groups less then 4 people it is possible to change the program.


    1. Fino a 6 persone: 360 a persona
    2. Fino a 10 persone: 320 a persona
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